Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New book "Backen nach Bildern"

Good morning!

I know - I didn't write for a veeery long time. Lot of things happened.... I was in Rome (2th - 10th October) - but since there I'm ill... but I'm getting better now and already have the power to bake and cook again. Celebrated a wonderful birthday last Wednesday with a delicious dinner in my favourite Vegetarian restaurant "Hiltl" in Zurich. On Friday I celebrated with some friends. Cooked dinner (Chop Suey) and after dinning we had a great party-time in Zurich. So.. some recipes of the last month will follow.

But first I want to show you a new book I get. Laura presented me for my birthday. The name is "Backen nach Bildern". I think you can't buy it in english. The photo's inside are beautiful and I'm already looking forward to baking some delicious things of it.

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